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Life is enhanced by celebrations great and small; memorable moments that bring us together to mark our greatest achievements, honour important milestones and to anticipate new and exciting chapters. LOUIS XIII cognac is the perfect accompaniment for these special moments, creating an experience to share with friends and loved ones, and bring the spirit of celebration to life, one drop at a time.

Every single drop of LOUIS XIII is an essential expression of the cognac’s complexity, and the tasting ritual is the key to access the unique experience of LOUIS XIII. It takes time to enjoy LOUIS XIII and life’s special moments deserve a space, where the host and their guests can fully immerse themselves in the experience, awakening the senses while savouring and appreciating its complex characteristics. Simultaneously, the taster finds themself projected into LOUIS XIII’s cycle of time. The precious liquid has been years in the making, its sensorial qualities developed over decades: the moment therefore conjurs a palpable connection to the past.

Designed to enhance this mindful ritual, are the LOUIS XIII pipette, or Spear as it is known, along with the “Facets of LOUIS XIII” glasses – produced exclusively for LOUIS XIII. Both objects of precision and elegance they have been created to accentuate the tasting experience and elevate the enjoyment of LOUIS XIII. As the host uses the Spear to expertly transfer LOUIS XIII cognac from its crystal decanter to each glass, a special moment begins to unfold: it is a delicate, refined movement that signifies the prominence and majesty of the occasion.

The spear also creates a symbolic connection between the host and generations of Cellar Masters. The act of tranferring the precious liquid from decanter to glass, delicately emulates the role of the LOUIS XIII Cellar Masters, who has extracted eaux-de-vie from the tierçon using a glass spear for decades. By echoing this gesture of transmission – one that has been passed down from each generation to the next – through the LOUIS XIII ritual, we witness a profound and meaningful act of beauty.

When creating the “Facets of LOUIS XIII” glasses, we embraced the delicate interplay of light in the glass to amplify the vibrancy of the liquid within. Finely carved with vertical grooves, and shaped to emulate the stylised form of a drop of water, the glasses allow the complex aromas of LOUIS XIII to be released. When the time comes to take a toast, the senses are ignited once more as, when clinked together, two “Facets of LOUIS XIII” glasses emit a spectacular symphony of chimes.

The LOUIS XIII tasting ritual is a ceremony that celebrates time and the spirit of LOUIS XIII, creating and enhancing extraordinary moments for the host and their guests. With each drop of LOUIS XIII cognac served, an interaction takes place, a new story begins and personal memories are created, never to be forgotten.

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Time Collection: City of Lights – 1900

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Time Collection: City of Lights – 1900