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  • Grape harvesting process with a Corporate Social Responsibility approach

    SEPTEMBER 2021

    Grape harvesting process with a Corporate Social Responsibility approach

    The story of creating LOUIS XIII Cognac starts with the grapes that grow exclusively in the vineyards of the appellation Cognac Grande Champagne. The journey from vineyard to decanter is one in which both time and nature play a crucial role. However, due to climate change, recent years have seen the cyclical narrative begin to change: the grape harvest is gradually moving forward in the calendar year.

  • Behind the process: LOUIS XIII tierçons

    FEBRUARY 2020

    Behind the process: LOUIS XIII tierçons

    By creating brand-new Limousin oak tierçons, LOUIS XIII is reviving an ancient craft, preserving the heritage of the past and ensuring future success

  • A test of time: the LOUIS XIII tierçon

    DECEMBER 2019

    A test of time: the LOUIS XIII tierçon

    LOUIS XIII’s Limousin oak barrels – tierçons – play a pivotal role in protecting the heritage and securing the future of LOUIS XIII cognac

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